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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I've spent many years pushing a ball up a hill and not enjoying myself professionally.  When I realized that I was leaving my natural talents and instincts at home when I went to work.  I felt like I was an impostor in the office.  I eventually realized that if I could spend more time using my strengths rather than focusing on developing my weaknesses I would be able to grow personally and professionally while feeling good about myself.  This revelation was extremely energizing and I look forward to sharing this with others.

Over the last several decades I have had the pleasure of meeting many leaders with authority (C-Suite) individuals along with a multitude of people on the way up/ way down/ way out or just happy with where they are.  I have always been interested in learning everyone's story and helping to get them to the next level (what ever they define that to be).  I founded Newman Business Coaching as a way to bring my view that each person, given the right perspective, can lead wonderful and productive lives.  Gaining that perspective oftentimes is not a journey to take alone.  With my background I can help the most successful to reason things out, explore the next great idea and devise the best solutions to the most vexing problems. 

I bring my experiences into one on one and team related coaching to help individuals and teams be more productive, communicate better while moving towards the best outcomes for all.

  • I am a graduate of Coaches Training Institute 

  • I have a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • I am a Certified Public Accountant

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